Non-Residential Gas Utility Services

If you are interested in expanding your current business or relocating to our area, let us help you get connected. Mt. Carmel Public Utility Co. has established a distribution system for electricity and natural gas that will support industrial growth in our community and surrounding area. 

New Non-Residential Applicant

If you have never been a non-residential gas customer with Mt. Camel Public Utility Co. (MCPU), we will ask you to come to the office at 316 N. Market Street to complete an application for service. Non-residential customers will be asked to provide information about the business entity, including officers, owners, and authorized signers. We may ask you to provide us with documentation for your business to check for qualification as an Illinois small business, as well as a tax identification number to establish your account.

If you are unable to physically come to our office, please call us at (618) 262-5151 or Toll Free 1-877-262-7036 and we will make reasonable accommodations so that you may complete the application for service.

The privacy of your account information is important to us and we will carefully protect it. Information will only be given to persons who have signed the application for service, or someone designated by you as authorized to transact business or receive information.

Former or Existing Non-Residential Gas Customers

If you are an existing non-residential gas service customer or have been a non-residential gas customer in the past with a good payment history, you may not need to visit our office to establish service. You may call (618) 262-5151 or Toll Free 1-877-262-7036 to verify that we have the information we need to reinstate you or to add an additional gas service.

If any of the following conditions occur, we may ask you to come in to the office to establish or add gas service if:

  • Your business information has changed.
  • When you ceased being a gas customer your account balance was not paid timely and in full.
  • It has been two years since you were last a non-residential gas customer.

The Company may require an applicant for gas service to make a deposit with the Company.

The requirement of a deposit and the amount needed to connect service are determined in compliance with IL Admin Code Part 280 and are generally equal to two times the average monthly gas bill at the location to be connected.

Deposits earn interest while they are held by the utility company. The interest rate is established annually by the Illinois Commerce Commission. Interest will be credited to your account at the deposit anniversary date.

Deposits are refunded in full when the account has a satisfactory payment history during any 12-month period or when service is disconnected.

PGA Historical Information

In addition to the standard rates, your bill will include a Purchased Gas Adjustment Charge (PGA) each month. The incremental cost per therm is calculated each month based on the cost of purchased natural gas and its transportation to Mt. Camel Public Utility Co.’s gas distribution system. Only the costs associated with customer use are included in the calculation of the monthly PGA.

The PGA for the current month is $0.2273.

Mt. Carmel Public Utility Co.Historical PGA ($ per therm)


Commercial Gas Service

This rate is available to any customer for Company’s standard service for residential purposes. Where a residence and a business are combined in one premise, the service classification shall be treated as commercial, and will not be furnished under this rate.

Commercial Gas Service Tariff

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Industrial Gas Service

This rate is available for any customer, within the territory served by the Company, whose annual consumption exceeds 25,000 therms.

Industrial Gas Service Tariff

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New Construction

As you plan the design and construction of your new facility, there are many decisions to make. Among them are decisions about the type of furnace and other appliances you will install, as well as the utilities you will need for your business processes. Our Gas Service Departments can help you estimate the cost (if any) of running natural gas lines and the size of flow lines and meter installations you require. Call us at (618) 262-5151 or Toll Free 1-877-262-7036 and we will set up a time to meet with you and provide you with assistance.  You may also visit our website at for a tool to compare heat sources.